On-line shopping at the
Bloomfield Bicycle Company


We'd love to see you at the shop in person, but we understand that eventhough everyone is eventually heading in the direction of the Bloomfield Bicycle Company, you might need some bike shop merchandise before you arrive. Please feel free to peruse cool things and make your selections below.


TV Sucks! Jerseys $110

TV Sucks! Socks. 1" $14

TV Sucks! Socks. 3" $14

Honeypie's Working Hands Soap $8

TV Sucks! Tshirts $20.

HoneyPie's Aches & Pains $17

Bikes R Drugs Tshirts $20

Honeypie's First Aid $17

old skool patch kit $4

TV Sucks! bell $14

TV Sucks! waterbottles $5