~ The best way to see The County...on a BIKE of course! ~

See the beauty of one of Ontario's oldest communities on a perfectly maintained, fabulous bicycle (or tricycle!). Biking County roads is the easiest, happiest way to explore. Don't fret the bike racks, and the locks, and that whole transporting bikes thing. Rent a bike in the County instead!


 ~ Bike Rentals ~

What type of bike would you like to ride? We have hybrids, comfort bikes, tandem bikes, mountain bikes, zippy road bikes, touring bikes, gravel grinders, laid-back recumbent bikes (including TerraTrike recumbent tricycles!), trail-a-bikes, baby trailers, some kids' bikes and more!

Rental bikes can be upgraded with a selection of additions: mirrors, handlebar bags, rack trunks, rear racks, panniers, cycling computers (no GPS), bar ends or more! 

We also rent most everything else bike-wise you might want for a County adventure: including rear racks and panniers. We don't generally rent bikes with front baskets: weight on the front wheel can impair one's steering. But we have lots of carrying capacity options! We can also rent spare parts, forgotten components (seatpost anyone? front wheel?)... the list of what we will rent is so extensive that it's just easier to make a list of things we DON'T rent. 

We custom fit every rental bike to its rider. We understand the importance of proper fit for both the happiness and efficiency of your bike riding. Part of being comfortable is being confident that you know how all the gears and brakes and features of your rental bike work: so we spend some time going over all that as well, before you roll away. We can also install whatever style of pedals you need: flats, toe-clips or one of many varieties of clipless pedals.

Each rental bike is equipped with a water bottle cage. We provide a 21 ounce waterbottle, that's your to keep, filled with cool, clear, filtered water. We can always pop another bottle cage on if you need it, as well. Water is just as important as a functioning bike for an enjoyable day!

We'll go over a map with you before you launch. We're full of great local info and part of our mission is to help folks plan a fabulously perfect, custom adventure. Would you like to see museums? Beaches? Vistas? Wineries? Restaurants? Good photo routes? Shady roads vs sunshiney shorelines? We've got a little local knowledge about a lot of local things and we'd be happy to help you plan a satisfying route.

We deliver and pick-up rental bikes anywhere within Prince Edward County. We need at least 24 hours (or even more!) to schedule bicycle deliveries. We deliver at 9:30am and pickup at 6pm. We do not deliver for half days. Your bikes, helmets and any other rental gear will arrive and be fitted to you on the spot. A member of your party MUST be there to meet the driver and receive the bikes being delivered. Whenever you are finished with the bikes you can lock them up (and, please, let us know where!) and we will come pick them up after 6PM.

FEES for Delivery: $10 first bike, $5 each subsequent bike to a max of $50.
FEES for Pick-up: $5 each bike to a max of $50.

We provide emergency roadside assistance. If your rental bike should have mechanical troubles while you are out adventuring, we're there for you. Give us a call and we'll arrive where you are in a little while. We'll fix you on the spot if we can; and if not, we'll bring you back to the shop (or to your car, or campsite, or wherever your adventure is taking you next) or we'll bring you another bike so you can continue.

Being Drunk, Tired, Lost, Late, Low Blood Sugar or "having a fight with your girlfriend" are not mechanical emergencies.  :)   If you find yourself unable to continue give one of the three excellent cab companies in the County a call to take you back; and lock your bikes up in a safe location. Don't forget to call us and let us know where to get them.

~ Please read before booking ~

* Cancellation Policy

We accept cancellations up to 24 hours in advance without penalty or charges.
Cancellations made within 24 hours will be changed a cancellation fee.

If you make bike reservations but you do not arrive or call to cancel, we will hold the bikes for half a day ('cuz sometimes people are late) and then, if you still do not arrive, or call, we will charge your credit card $25 for each bike reserved and release the bikes back to the rental fleet. Last minute cancellations also have the option of taking a Rain Check.

Reservation Lead Time

Spur of the moment and walk-in rentals are encouraged and heralded! Reservations are not REQUIRED, but please be aware that we often run out of rental bikes on long weekends and most summer Saturdays. If you have specific dates, or specific bikes that you really want, then we cannot recommend highly enough that you make reservations early to avoid disappointment. Delivery of bicycles must be arranged at least 24 hours in advance. We do not take reservations for half day rentals, nor do we deliver half day rentals.

Rental Durations

At the BBC we rent bikes in half day increments. A full day rental begins when we open and ends when we close. (most days 10am through 6pm)
A full day rental is NOT 24 HOURS
A morning half day begins at 10am and ends at 2pm.
An afternoon half day begins at 2pm and ends when we close at 6pm.
We have some very limited flexibility on these timelines during the shoulder seasons; but arrangements must be made in advance. We have no flexibility on Saturdays in May, June, July and August.

Late Fees

Returns to the BBC are due by 6pm. Returns after 6pm incur a late fee of $10 per bike / half hour.
There is no option to return bikes after hours.

Footwear Requirements

Everyone riding a Bloomfield Bicycle Company bicycle must be wearing shoes that are attached to their feet. Sandals are fine but they need to have a heelstrap that holds them onto your feet.

Deposits for rentals are required. Visa, AMEX & MC accepted.

~ Rental Rates ~


Duration Single Tandem Trailer or Trail-A-Bike*
morning half day (10am–2pm)  $25 $35 $25
afternoon half day (2pm–6pm) $25 $35 $25
full day (10am–6pm) $35 $45 $35
day and a half $50 $60 $50
two days $60 $70 $60
three days $75 $90 $75
four days $90 $110 $90
five days $100 $125 $100
six days $115 $145 $115
seven days $125 $160 $125
eight days $130 $180 $130
nine days $140 $200 $140
ten days $150 $220 $150
11-15 days $12/day $20/day $12/day
16-19 days $11/day $18/day $11/day
20+ days $20/day $16/day $20/day

* Trailer and trail-a-bike rentals are half price when rented with any other adult bicycle.

SINGLE BIKES include recumbents and recumbent trikes but not tandems...For our rental purposes a single bike is any bike that is not a tandem. That means hybrids, mountain bikes, front suspended rigid mountain bikes, double suspension mountain bikes, folding bikes, zoomy road bikes, touring bikes, recumbents and any other wacky things we can find to rent out to happy cycling folk.


Rental Equipment

Only some of the many bike related items that we rent are listed here.
If you don't see what you are looking for just give us a call
(we do not rent bike mounted child carriers, or trailers for pets etc.).

Duration First Day Each Day After Weekly
bike rack (on the bike) $8 $4 $22
computer (not GPS) $10 $5 $22
bike mounted mirror $8 $4 $25
helmet mounted mirror $5 $5 $25
one or two panniers $10 $5 $30
rack trunk $5 $5 $25
handlebar bag $5 $5 $25
helmet* $5 $5 $25
lock* $5 $5 $25